New Button on mobile should provide template options before making a new object


The new button currently only creates an object without any formatting or template options. It doesn’t even use the default template.


Let’s take the example of my set with object snips.

This object has 3 templates so when I press the new button I would like to see this menu.


This would allow me to quickly make the necessary object on the phone instead of only being able to efficiently edit.


I agree so much! Would save a few taps for every object you make. I think even the popup menu as used on the desktop could be reused:


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This might be a bug to fix. Indeed, when creating a new object in set, it is expected that:

  1. if this object has only one template, then this template is applied
  2. if this object has several templates, user will pick a template after opening an object (this seems to be broken now, so thanks for reporting.

Anytype Android Team


As a bit more background, this feature works properly when creating a new Object from the dashboard on Android:

Method A

  1. Open Anytype on Android
  2. Navigate to the dashboard
  3. Create a new Object
  4. Select Object type
  5. See the prompt to select a template if there is >1 templates for this Object type

Unfortunately, this flow does always not work properly when creating a new Object from within a Set:

Method B

  1. Open Anytype on Android
  2. Navigate to a Set
  3. Create a new Object
  4. Provide a name and confirm with Return
  5. See the Object is created without any template

However, when you do the following, it does work as expected:

Method C

  1. Open Anytype on Android
  2. Navigate to a Set
  3. Create a new Object
  4. Instead of providing a name, use the Expand arrows to open the “New Object”
  5. See you are prompted to select an Object Type
  6. See you are prompted to select a template after selecting the Object Type.

If method B is intended to be a “quick add” feature I can imagine you don’t want to bother the user with asking for a template to be selected, but this could be improved, for example with a flow like:

Alternative flow for method B and C

  1. Open Anytype
  2. Open a Set
  3. Click create a new Object
  4. Show a bottom sheet with a place where the user can type the name of the new object AND a list of the available templates if there are more than one AND show one ARROW UP icon
  5. User types a name for the object
  6. If the user taps the ARROW UP icon, the entry is immediately created without a template, and the user is returned to the set after which the user can quickly add another Object or open any (other) Object.
  7. If the user selects the correct template (only one selection allowed) the Object is immediately created and opened

As it is currently not possible to apply a template after creating the Object, it would be nice if one of the following options is provided:

  1. You are asked to select a template when opening an Object that is empty
  2. You can set a default template to use for quick add Objects (atm no template is selected)
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I see what you’re saying but I think this process can be even further streamlined by directly going into the templates … Since I’m already in my desired object’s set … As the dev said this is probably a bug so hopefully they have a better implementation coming up.

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I see this still happening on Android. Is there a timeframe for it to be fixed? Thanks!

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I am having the same problem

We will bring significant updates to the templates in the next release. It’s possible that the Android version will be delayed by one more release

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