Needed: Kanban by tag users ๐Ÿ™‹

Highly wanted :cowboy_hat_face: Anyone who uses kanban by tag or other multiple choice relation as a part of your life. Exactly the usecase where one object is represented in multiple tags/columns.
Help us improve our kanban experience. Post in the comments your usecase for kanban by tag and describe your pains and needs so we can incorporate these in our next release. Or just dm me and i will schedule the call.


I currently use a Set with a view for different statuses of my task and order tracker. Views are filtered on the value of the Status relation, but using Tags could also work. Kanban would be much better in general. I would also switch my recipe set with different views for different kinds of recipes based on tags. Downside of tags in a Kanban is that objects usually can have multiple tags, but I would usually prefer an object only appear in a single bucket/column.


In your case it is more relevant to use kanban by status or other relation with singular value.
What I need is someone who really sees value in kanban by tags or other multiple choices relation and can share they usecases. Because we donโ€™t really understand this particular usecase and will be happy to know our users better.


Iโ€™m guessing then that weโ€™ll be limited in which relation we can use for the kanban? At least in the beginning.

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One of my Kanban uses is to make a week view of my work related tasks.

I have a relation for the days of the week (monday, thuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday).

At the beginning of the week I will look at my tasks and calendar events for the week, then I will assign tasks for the days of the week. During the week things can change and switched around.

This is for having an overview of my week, what I think I can (and should) get done this week. This is NOT a calendar view nor is this a due date view. Purely a visual overview of what I plan to do this week.

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And another Kanban use I have is as dynamic information on a page (for this inline kanban is needed).

For example, I have an index page in Notion, that shows an overview of all things important in my life, like sport.

I have an inline Kanban for all the sports I am currently doing or involved in. The cards show different things like a photo, some important information and links or goals I have. For this boardview will not work!

This way, I can see at a glance everything I need to know and when I edit any info on the page, it is shown here as well. When I switch sports or when the season ends I simply hide those sports and show others (I have 2 sports that I only do in the winter/summer for example).

Thanks for the replies but the unicorn i am looking for is the usecase when one object can be represented in multiple columns because it have multiple tags. The ones above have only one column for one object.


Ah you are right, sorry I missed that part.

I donโ€™t have a usecase for an object being represented in multiple columns.

I think my (not yet existing) recipe Kanban could be an example of this unicorn because a single recipe could be both โ€œprotein richโ€ AND โ€œvegetarianโ€. For me the main upside of a Kanban representation would be that you can see all your buckets in a single view instead of having separate views for each of the tags.


The only difference between a list/table thatโ€™s grouped by a status/tag and a kanban board is the way the information is show. Iโ€™ve been grouping things by tags in the past in lists, so I could see myself use the kanban feature for that.

In my workflow I have different projects going on ( type: project) and each of these projects have their own tasks with different relations. I created a set for all of my tasks and I like to use Kanban view for my each of these groups of tasks by their respectable โ€œtagโ€ relation but currently as of 0.28 release, it only allows the predefined โ€œtagโ€ relation created by anytype and status. If in future releases we have the ability to view our Kanban boards with respect to any of our desired โ€œtagโ€ relation that would be very nice.


This one will be shipped in the next release :pray: