Need more info about outgoing traffic

Hi all. I just got invited to the Anytype test, and the firewall immediately noticed that the macOS Anytype app is having some outgoing traffic.

Currently I have saw traffics going to *:4101, *:4001, *:3006 and *:6888 and some HTTPS requests going to I can find some of those addresses here but seems not all ports are covered.

But my firewall also detected some pretty weird traffic going to those addresses:


Requests to private addresses like this are rarely seen in other software. So is there any special purpose on connecting them? I’ve blocked nearly all outgoing traffic from Anytype until future news.

Also, considering contents in Anytype are usually sensitive info, maybe there should have a KB so users can know exactly for what it would connect to which addresses, when, and what information are uploaded?


Hi @silver1337!
All of these addresses are in the local(private) network. It means that you probably have anytype on other devices in the same local network and it sync with each other in the P2P way.

In order to make sure you need to see other devices you use anytype on and check their network interface’s(wifi or ethernet) IP address.


Hi @requilence, thanks for reply.

However, those addresses are not in my local network. I’m using another subnet and none of those addresses are covered.

Additionally, I don’t have any other Anytype instances running. I can ensure there is only one instance in the network.