Named versions for pages

Currently, version history is basically a list of individual changes to a particular page. This makes it hard to search a particular version. I was wondering if it would be possible to add named versions so that one can navigate and restore versions of interest.

Context: When I am working on an article, I typically go through several versions which I would like to keep track of. For example, the first version would be a mind-dump of sorts, which is cleaned up with the second version, references added in the third version etc. When I do this on google docs, I typically add named versions so that I can go back in case I need to. This helps filter through the revision history to versions I particular care about.

I was wondering if this is a possible feature that can be added in Anytype? I am slowly shifting all my writing into Anytype and named versions would help a lot.



@abstractgeek Love this idea! Seems a little more long-term perhaps (in that there is a lot of other stuff to potentially implement first), but I definitely think it would ideally be a piece of a fully robust document authoring system which I hope Anytype strives to be.

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