My Updated Personal Knowledge Management System using the CODE Concept

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I’m excited to introduce my latest article on my personal knowledge management system. In this piece, I delve into the CODE concept and how it assists me in navigating the vast sea of information we face today. It’s important to note that I’ve updated the flowchart to Version 3. The primary reason for this update is my transition from Notion to Anytype.

For those who prefer German: Article in German

For our English-speaking members: Article in English

I hope many of you find this article both interesting and helpful. Whether you’re just starting out with knowledge management or are already well-versed in the topic, I believe there are insights and tips that can benefit you. I look forward to feedback, questions, and suggestions.

Here is my flowchart to tickle some interest :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing, I like how you made the whole article right into the point, nicely done :smiley:

thank you for kind words :slight_smile:

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