My simple monthly habit tracker

Just thought I’d share my simple habit tracker if anyone is looking for a setup without tonnes of relations.

Basically, each habit has its own template (with goals per week, icon etc preconfigured) under the object ‘habits’. There are only seven checkbox relations - mon, tues, wed, thurs, etc.

I created a relation called ‘habit tag’ to filter by week - ‘7 august’ etc, so that my relations aren’t cluttered and I only ever have to see these options when adding my weekly habits. At the end of the week I manually input how many days I ‘actually’ performed the habit in a column next to my weekly target. A formula option would be fab to automate this last bit but it’s not much work for now.

It also looks pretty, IMO, as an in-line set on my homepage…

Once the month is finished, I plan to remove from favourites and add it as a card view to a ‘2023 habits page’


Oh, I love it! Is it possible to share this as a template or do I have to figure out how to recreate this?

@aline.fouard I don’t think we can share templates yet, but I’ll talk you through the process as best I can. It’s pretty simple really.

So within a profile-type object labelled ‘habits’, you wanna create the following relations

  1. a checkbox relation for each day of the week
  2. a tag relation called ‘week’ which you’ll use to filter the view by week (7th august = w/c 7th august etc.)
  3. a number relation for ‘goal weekly’ (the amount of times you wanna complete that habit per week) and ‘actual weekly’ (how many times you did - fill this in on sunday)
  4. A habit status relation, so that you can show archived/active habits
  5. optional - a tag relation called ‘when’. I like to sort my habits by the time of day I complete them, so this relation has three tags - ‘A - morning’ ‘B - afternoon’ ‘C - evening’ - the letters are so you can sort this relation alphabetically

Then create a template for each individual habit you want to track. I have some of their relations pre-set. For example, I’ll always wanna do ‘morning routine’ in the morning, so I set the ‘when’ relation to ‘A - morning’ in the template. I also set the icons and status so I don’t need to manually add each time.

Next, add all ‘habit’ objects to a set, which will contain your habits for that particular month. In the display, you wanna see every checkbox day of the week, the goal # and the actual #. Duplicate this view for the amount of weeks in the month and edit the view titles so that they correspond with the w/c tag relation (i.e. 7th august). Every week should be filtered to only show the relevant ‘week’ tag relation.

From there, you should be able to add each habit template directly into that week’s view. It took me 60 seconds to set up my week’s habits today :slight_smile:

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Thank you that’s very helpul! I will shamelessly copy this brilliant setup :slight_smile:
Have a great day!

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