"My relations" doesn`t have scroll panel on the right. Bug appears in Fullscreen mode

Library → Relations → “My relations” doesn`t have scroll panel on the right. Bug appears in Fullscreen mode.

When i open “Relations->My relations” page it doesn`t have scroll panel on the right (fullscreen mode).
But the “Relations->Anytype library” works fine.



We need to scroll down but it doesn`t work in fullscreen mode.


  • Device:
    Desktop computer
  • OS:
    Windows 10
  • Anytype Version:

I’m on a pre-release version (0.32.23-beta) and I cannot reproduce this.

I think you can either wait for the next release (should be on the 19th of July with the public beta release) or you can switch to the latest pre-release right now:


Let me know if you don’t have this option available in the menu.

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I can confirm this bug, it happens when the relations are too many that they don’t fit on 1 page.

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I’m also on Windows, and I think I’ve quite a few relations:

I do see a scrollbar at the right side of the screen.

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Which version are you one?

Maybe because i use Windows 10 LTSC version… :man_shrugging:
It is more stable for me so i prefer using LTSC versions.
Thank you!

Maximize the app, the scroll bar shows properly only when the window is smaller (i.e not full screen).

Currently on Windows 10 Home with v0.32.3

@saifeldeen, @AndyP indicated that the bug appears when Anytype is in full screen mode.

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