My Object is Broken!

Describe the bug
I reinstalled Anytype on Windows to continue my work on a specific object after using Anytpe not for a while. I fast realized that something didn’t work as usual. I couldn’t delete blocks or create some new. I almost couldn’t make any changes at all. Somehow I managed to move a block and paste a bookmark and made some toggle blocks, but then the object totally gave up. Now I can’t open the object anymore. It does load forever. Clearing the cache or reinstall Anytype doesn’t work either. So I thought fine I will use my phone to clear things a bit up but it’s the same story, unfortunately… I can’t make any changes. Now I’m stuck with a loading screen on Windows and android and can’t access the object at all. The object only had about 50-100 blocks. Has someone an idea how I can fix that ???

To Reproduce
I dont know how to reproduce it. I just installed Anytype and opened the object and tried to make some changes.

Expected behavior
My object should be normally working. Not stuck on an endless loading screen, able to make changes etc.

System Information:

  • Android 11 on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and Windows 11 both with the latest Anytype versions 0.25.4 on Windows and 0.6.1 on Android

The file is only 19mb but the forum says its to big okay so here I reproduced how I made my Anytype unresponsive and corrupted my object so that I cant use it anymore on any device.

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Hey! We are on it. We will provide you with more details during the investigation

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Thanks! The object is still syncing/unusable unfortunately.