My never syncing objects❗

I already mentioned this in some comments here and there, but wanted to create an extra bug report now for it.


I have multiple objects that never sync since months on all my devices, some even since about a year. Also, noticeable are the different kind of animation of the syncing objects.
Some show up with a name but have a stuck syncing sign.
A bunch of objects syncing with an identical sync animation
And some others sync, not identical.


I don’t know, I created and linked objects as usual.


All objects should be syncing and ready to use.


Android 12 & Windows 11

  • Device:
    Galaxy S20FE
    Galaxy S9+
  • Anytype Version:
    0.10.0 - alpha on Android on Windows


I really hope to get this solved as soon as possible to be able to use my objects again. I shared my logs about 2 months ago with no response or answer. If needed, I can share some new logs again.


This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.


Unfortunately this isnt fixed yet. I created some very important work recently on windows and I dont know why but all objects do not sync on android. Im trying since days let it sync for hours without success. I dont have my pc right now with me only my phone and tab and all work is basically gone. I dont know why this keeps happening. I had some audio files within those objects if this has anything to do with it. I can just hope that those issues get sorted out. Being not able to access objects is a complete error for me again : (

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Long time no see @XxxBalCion !

So long in fact that you seem to be unaware of our new infrastructure coming in the next few versions. Better not to depend on the old one.

Check it out: Anysync Town-hall Recording Feb. 22!

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Hey yeah it has been a minute : D thanks for your answer. I havent watched the whole video yet but im looking forward to the update!

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Do you expect that all object will work again even those from over a year with the new infrastructure?

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I can’t say with any certainty. There are too many factors at play that contribute to lost objects, not excluding user error. Hopefully some will return, but I would keep your expectations neutral.

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