My half of the data stored in some of the objects vanished?!

I make notes of every chapter on anytype, for example a whole object dedicated to chemical bonding, i made so many notes about that chapter in that object, and i have plenty chapter objects as such stored, but after a while now when i went to chemcial binding to revise the notes, HALF OF THE NOTES VANISHED!! i have my exams tomm and now i cant refer to my notes for revision, and prolly have to create it all again which took me hours!! Then i went onto check if i lost data in other chpaters, most of them were fine but some of them lost data too!!! I dont really know how to reproduce thus but like losing data is a serious concern! Please look into this guys!!

OS: Windows 11
Version: 0.26.1


@Ishaan that sounds like a terrible case of data loss! I hope you can still manage to study for the exam. We will check with QA and devs what kind of logs can be or need to be retrieved to troubleshoot this issue.

Upon checking, I could “only” find two other cases where data seemed to be lost. Of course, any data lost is a serious issue that should be resolved.

:warning: That said, Anytype is still in Alpha stage and should only be used for non-critical data.

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Hello, sorry to hear about your data loss. I had a similar incident myself with Anytype right on the day before finals - it’s not a very fun experience, although I did manage to get the data back. Good luck with the data recovery and your schoolwork.

Can you elaborate a bit more on how the data was lost? Were the individual blocks within the Object Canvas removed, or were whole objects lost? It’s not very clear from your original post, and that would help the team and us better understand the issue while @sambouwer can get troubleshooting information from the devs.

Also, can you try checking in the Object’s version history to see if previous versions might have the data? I had previously experienced data being removed randomly in an object canvas, but I was able to recover it with the version history.


Yes so the last few individual blocks of the object canvas are lost, and they aren’t seem to exist in any of the version histories…it’s like I never created them

How did u manage to get the data back?

Im so sorry but I have to shift to notion becoz of this bug for the time being​:pensive: really don’t want to, but I can’t afford data loss rn, becoz I have very important hard worked data stored on these platforms, let me know when this bug would be fixed! I will hop on afterwards :smile:

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Could you please send us debug tree results? File → Tree diagnostics button in the app menu, this would help to find the problem.

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Where do I send? There are many json files

send me in telegram, Razor

Since Anytype is in alpha, it’s recommended that you don’t use it for very important data.

On that note, is there a way to do a manual backup? @edwards

export your data, thats the only way

I backup anytypes folder everyday just to be safe.

i think they should give an option to erase entire data from account on nodes too, so that we can restore the backups we have made if something critical happens