My first impressions

Hello, AnyType developer team and fellow alpha testers!

I am very glad to be a part of this project. The core idea of this software has peaked my interest, as I was looking for alternatives to proprietary note taking apps like Notion and OneNote. While I have not extensively used note taking apps in the past, I for sure will be in the future.

First thoughts
When I finally got my invitation code I was really excited to try out this mysterious app. I was not disappointed when I first launched it and had a closer look. I really like the sleek and minimal UI. I am a big fan of round corners and flat, simplistic design. It looks very fresh and modern, without all the buttons that can easily overwhelm you (looking at you, OneNote). It is easy to navigate the app and I find the Navigation window to be extremely useful for quick lookup of related objects in specific document.

The good

  • As I have previously stated, I love the UI. I think that it suits this app very well. Not too simple to the point it is painful to hunt down the necessary buttons and not too complicated.
  • Navigation window is very helpful for quick assessments.
  • Core functionality of Sets is working as expected. I can easily create lists and filter them as I please.
  • While I have not yet found any uses for Graphs, as I’ve yet to add more data, it looks interesting nonetheless.
  • Very easy to create and view relations.
  • Awesome support for uploading images and attachments in general.
  • Good out of the box printing experience. Certainly miles ahead of the competition.
  • Good security features (end to end encryption and offline mode).
  • Had no crashes or hiccups yet.

The not so good

  • Creation of new relations is very easy, but I still have to find a way to edit them or delete. While the default relations do provide a good amount of uses, they are useless to me, since I work in a different language. This means I can’t just translate the existing ones. I have to create duplicates in different languages.
  • I wish there was the ability to control typeface. In other words, please, make the font and spacing editable. It is not very nice to have relations in tiny text, followed by differently sized default text and a huge heading etc.
  • It would absolutely neat to have some control over the printing aspect of documents. I wish there were functional page dividers/page breaks that would tell the printer or exporting tool to start a new page from this point on.
  • This one is a minor complaint, but while uploading attachments (pictures) to a document that I’ve created, it was a little bit tedious as I had to upload them one by one, instead of selecting all at once. And I had quite a lot of them.
  • No tables. I know they are in the process of being developed, but I couldn’t leave them out, sorry :wink:

Overall, I am very pleased and I’m looking forward to the day it will be ready for the public. I will do my best to help developers with my feedback!


You can drag and drop multiple images into the canvas instead of using an image block. This would then create separate image blocks for each image uploaded. However, it would certainly be nice to select multiple images in the image block and have the same behavior as well


Thanks for your input! I didn’t think I can drag and drop images into the canvas. This is a nice and convenient feature, however it has different results. As you have stated, it creates different image blocks for each image. I wanted to group all the images under one small block and to do that I must select one image at a time. This is not a deal breaker, but it does get tedious rather quickly.


Thanks for the crisp presentation of your impressions. It’s really valuable to enable Anytype to achieve its full potential. Please contribute to “Feature Requests” or “Bug Report” sections of our community, for functions that can be improved. Welcome and looking forward to seeing you around @Pepukovich!