My first impression and feedback

Hello, I’m Sue live in Korea.

First of all, I really love your program: Anytype.
It’s awesome note program I’ve ever experienced.
Thanks for making such a great program.

Most of things are very good to use, so I don’t mention those great things.
Because many other people already wrote them.

I want to tell you some uncomfortable things that I felt.

English is not my native language, so my sentences might be wrong or hard to understand.
For that reason, I use pictures and videos to help my explanation.

#1. Not shown “all objects” in start page

There is no basic tab that shows all objects I have.
It means I can’t find all main objects in start page.
I can’t manage all my notes(objects), and I don’t even know what kinds of objects I have already.

because of absent basic tab, if I click clear in History tab, I couldn’t find my objects in start page. (please note video file named “1”)
It would be helpful if you add basic tab that shows all objects that people made.

#2 No object directory as yours

#3 Can’t delete unnecessary things

There are unnecessary things in bin and history tab, but I couldn’t delete them.
I know some of that are templates you’ve already made, but I don’ know why I can’t delete those things in history tab. (please note video file named “2”)

#4. Complicated interface

Not only main objects but also all sub-objects(sub pages) show up in history tab, so it makes interface complicated.
Also, objects order in side bar is changes whenever I click once.


I hope I can select “show/hide history tab” in setting menu, not just hiding with toggle
Toggle button might be spread anytime.

Also, I wish you make the side bar like a Notion.
In Notion, I can see all objects that I made in side bar, so I could find what I want directly.

Always thanks for your effort, and hope Anytype would be the best note program.

Thanks again, have a nice day :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, hopefully they add some way to browse all of your objects. This might be possible with the future sets from relations. Currently, you can just create a set for each type you have, and you’ll be able to find all of your objects.

  2. There is no note path in Anytype because there is no hierarchy in Anytype like there is one in Notion. Anytype is more similar to Obsidian in this regard.

  3. Another big thing that hopefully gets added soon.

  4. Again, sub-pages and sub-objects aren’t a thing in Anytype.


Hello, thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand what you’re saying that those Anytype don’t have subpages or sub-objects.

I mean if we make one page as a dashboard, there are many contents in it.
(For example, /page - /page - /page …)
And every part of those contents (/page, /idea, /note etc…) show up in history tab.
So, the more contents are, the more complicated.

About answer #2, in Anytype youtube, note directory is shown on introduction video,
so I asked it.

Thank you !

One more thing.

#4. uncomfortable deletion

In one page(object), there are several objects.
If I delete those objects in page(object, dashboard), it’s not deleted, not move to bin.
They remain in history tab and graph.

This behavior is also due to the fact that there is no sub-page concept in anytype. Each page is independent and are linked after. So when you have a note inside another, they are actually 2 separate notes, with one getting linked inside another. What you’re deleting is the link and not the actual note.

This behavior might be confusing or distracting for some, yes. The history tab is updated because, it lists the recently viewed pages at the top. So when you open a new page, it gets moved to the top and all others are pushed a step towards the bottom.

Having said that, there are various feature requests / bug reports requested already for almost all the issues / UX improvements you’ve suggested in this thread. Do find them and give them your support with a heart ( :heart: ). And if there is none, please raise one by yourself.

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Thank you for replying.
Oh, I’ve misunderstanding till now.

As your details, I understand totally.

Thanks again and I will put them :heart: mark as a support.