My experiments with Anytype

I’m finding myself enjoying Anytype in notetooking. Kudos to the team behind and community around it.

As I use it I’m listing my thoughts and features I think will be useful for everybody. A lot of them are very small things. So I’ve decided that I should add them in this thread.

I’ll start each comment in the thread with an ID: x/N where x is a natural number. And a N is F when it’s a feature request and B when its a bug report.
Followed by that a description.
If you have any comments please add the ID of the feature you are referring to.

All these (unless specified otherwise) are on Windows 11.


  • Windows 11 has introduced a new minimize button. It gives out 4 options to choose from
    But this doesn’t work with Anytype.
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  • Windows super key + Arrow heads usually splits the app into respective sides of a screen. Anytype doesn’t support that yet.

2/B and 3/B are highly likely linked to how the layout of each page is set

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Hello @zaurusk, I’m afraid you forgot to fill in the fields related to your request. They are important for the Devs as well as for the whole community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Requests must be filled in with the protocol that appears when editing the topic and only one request must be explained per topic. Please respect this formatting.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
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Describe the solution you’d like
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Describe alternatives you’ve considered
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Additional context
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I believe all of these are probably from the custom window borders that anytype is using. I’ve seen other applications (including SDL programs) that use custom borders and have similar problems to these as well.

Although, I will note that on my insider build of Windows 11 (build 22000), I can do the last two things, but not the first.

I’m on Build 22543 insider preview, and i don’t experience any of those difficulties besides 1/B, that just doesn’t appear for many apps. might be a windows thing.

Yeah, both me and you are on builds that haven’t been released to the public yet (iirc), so I suspect it’s a bug that got fixed on these new builds of Windows 11… but who knows, honestly, lol.