My design of the "Thought catalog"

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

I continue to share with you my short presentations on how I equip my space in Anytype.

Today I will show you how I designed a page where I write down thoughts and quotes from people, scientists (excerpts from books), as well as quotes from musicians’ songs.

I tried to make it visually beautiful:

  1. I made headlines for the sections of quotations (phrases of scientists and researchers in pink, phrases of publicists and politicians in green, and quotes from songs in blue).
  2. Added lines, themed icons (which will divide large sections into small ones).
  3. Made a link to the person who said or wrote it.
  4. Designed them as “Callout”, added bold font.

Thanks for sharing your layout @Konstantin! It’s always enlightening to see what folks are crafting in Anytype, also very motivating and helpful to new-comers. I hope you’ve begun a trend of show-casing in our Community. :raised_hands: