My Custom Anytype Dashboard

Hi everyone!

Delve into how I created a personalized Anytype dashboard that serves as an essential overview of everything happening in my life. This dashboard, built on Inline-Sets, adapts dynamically to changes in tasks and information, ensuring a current and relevant view at all times.

Key Features:

  • Project and Area Management: Quickly access ongoing projects and work areas.
  • Resource Hub: Centralized links and gallery view for immediate access to important tools and documents.
  • Process and Meeting Management: Stay on top of extensive processes and meetings with dedicated overview areas.

This dashboard has revolutionized how I manage information, offering an “off-Brain” solution for efficient and focused work.

For a comprehensive guide on setting up your Anytype dashboard, visit (English) or (German).


I went with a little different approach with my own and I change it as I think to do things better for myself. I really like your idea of having tasks in an inline set on the front page, I might be adopting that.


I really like your visual approach.

Those are not just tasks, they are processes which I work on :slight_smile: below that are many projects xD

Thanks for sharing, very insightful. My approach looks more or less like yours with pages and notes that can be linked to projects. The only thing that bugs me with the PARA approach is that it doesn’t make a difference with pro and personal stuff. Do you manage everything with this system or it’s only for work purposes ?

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I get your point. I always had an area called private and family which included everything that is attached to it.

My wife is not in to my nerd life, therefore we compromised on apple notes for family, reminders for todos and Bitwarden for sensitive stuff.

In private I have my nerdy stuff, notes on personal projects which often collide with work stuff :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation.

Like you I rely on native Apple apps for family sharing and never been able to truly separate work and private PKMs, I’m a freelancer so everything collides.

I just took the opportunity with the launch of multi-space to try to discipline myself journaling by creating a space dedicated.


Very nice layout! Did you use columns to make this grid?

@thePauker So relatable! I tried to get my husband into productivity apps for a few years now. And then last month he says “I saw this interesting app called Notion”. :unamused:
Hoping his discovery of Anytype is much sooner…

@Elias I also need to see more examples of how PARA works with personal and family. I’ve only been using PARA for desktop file organization.

@Curie Sure, I was thinking about showcasing my full setup, just time to write it up

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Thank you, yeah I did. Not entirely sure why I have grouped everything the way I have but it’s what works for me lol.

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Sweet Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash that is really a beautiful thing you built there. Great way to use the dead space, even better to break up information into specific and rational chunks.

My OCD is tingling, its like discovering notion all over again!