My biggest nuisance - format text before typing

I love Anytype and I’ve been using it for nearly everything. I can wait on formulas, bidirectional linking and so on. But what REALLY bugs me is that I cannot use shortcuts to format text prior to typing. I use a ton of bolding when I take notes. Every other software and platform (including this forum) lets you hit ctrl+B to bold text before typing. Why is this still not implemented in Anytype? I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have to go back and make things bold after I’ve typed them. Sorry for the rant. Also I would love to have collapsible headers.



Just type ** before right before what you want to bolden, and same after.
That’s standard Markdown.


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Adding support for all blocks to be collapsible is already in progress. Check out


Thanks but honestly I find the markdown syntax on slightly less annoying then going back and bolding manually. :slight_smile: Don’t see why ctrl+B can’t be a thing!

We have some technical complications with implementation of this approach, I’ve tried to introduce this logic several times but didn’t have any success yet. Maybe I will figure it out in the next year.


Thanks for the update Razor. Good luck with it!

FR: Formatting shortcuts without selection

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