My Anytype Setup - 0.31.52 - beta

Hey everyone!

By request from @Filip I’m sharing a quick video of my anytype setup. This version isn’t available to everyone yet, but I hope it gives an idea of what will be possible with the new widgets & navigation in Anytype.

If you’re interested in testing this version and helping us smash as many bugs as possible before release, please check out this post and consider joining our Nightly Ops group.

Cheers & happy Friday! :icecream: :sunflower:


Thank you very much for the demo! Your setup looks like it’s both beautiful and practical. Anytype is definitely one of the pretties apps I’ve encountered so far, so I’m really happy when I get to see other people’s spaces.
One question, do you take notes in Anytype and if you do, do you have a separate note type for it?
In relation to that, how exactly do you use the page type? I’ve seen some examples of of spaces already, and some people seem to use them like a default object to put anything in it; kinda like how it works in Notion. I’ve been using them for notes, so I’m really curious how other people use them.


I’m also happy when I see other people’s spaces! Glad it was enjoyable :slight_smile:

Actually I’m not much of a casual note-taker at all, so I rarely feel the urge to spontaneously jot things down into a digital note-taking app. If anything, I usually achieve that with pen & paper and once I’ve developed some thoughts around it, may consider adding it to Anytype if I happen to need it there.

In Anytype I use pages for almost anything (besides task, human, movie, book, etc) - basically anything I use for writing or linking objects to each other, including dashboards. Mostly it’s because I prefer the ‘basic’ layout with a title, and ‘Page’ comes with that by default. ‘Page’ also feels flexible enough to use in many situations, from strategic writing to presentations or meeting summaries. I almost never use ‘Note’ because the default layout feels a little naked to me.

Do you use both ‘note’ and ‘page’ types? Did you change the default layouts at all to fit your note-taking habits better?


I feel the same about the default “note” type. They are mostly used as an inbox for objects for which I’m not yet sure the correct type is for.
For note-taking, I’ve set up a different type that has the same layout as the default Page. This is where more serious note-taking occurs, and it seems like I’ll try to use the Page objects for everything else going forward.


Although Anytype looks great, I do wish we had more options to customize font size, spacing, margins etc.
I usually like to have more things in view at any one time.

I’m happy @Filip asked this. Your reply is a good example of how Anytype can be the perfect match for certain workflows. For the past few months I’ve been posting/commenting about how I ultimately might not be able to adopt Anytype due to a lack of outliner features, which to me is essential (to be able to jot things down, move things around in varied degrees of granularity etc.) - meanwhile, for someone with a workflow like yours, that’s not an issue.

Anyway, your setup looks great! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.


Hi @Charlotte

Thanks for sharing of your setup in the video! :eyes:
Although it may belong to your work, you even exemplarily showed your personal area that surprised me. I understand that it is not easy to reveal something so personal about yourself. But that makes it all the more valuable for the community, as an example of what it could look like. Thank you very much! :pray: :smiley:

Next July I will be sharing my Space (partially at least for sure). This will appear alongside my bi-annual review of the app, the community page, Anytype Docs & the Website.
The last Review: Feedback after 6 months of usage (of the App, the community page & Anytype Docs)

Happy Friday! :sunny: :sunglasses: :palm_tree: