Must input date twice in a relation for it to register

Describe the bug
When indicating a date in an object’s relation, the first time that a date is clicked in the calendar does not register the date. The field of the relation must be clicked one more time, and the date clicked one more time in the calendar for it to work.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open an object with a date relation.
  2. Try to input a date in the relation.
  3. Date is not registered.
  4. Try again, and the date becomes registered in the relation field.

Expected behavior
The date should register the first time.

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Anytype Version: 0.21.5

I see the same thing on MacOS. Due Date for task frequently does not register on first input

@Klemet Hi! It was fixed. Please, update your current version.

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Just updated to 0.21.9, and the problem doesn’t seem to be fixed for now. My Anytype doesn’t detect any other update for now.

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@Klemet we understood the problem and working on it

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Also experiencing this issue on MacOS, with Anytype’s latest version. While setting the date twice while within the object canvas will reliably set the date, trying the same within a Set will never set the date.


Also having the same issue with the latest version of Anytype on Mac.


+1 on 0.21.9 Windows. Wanted to create an issue about this too. Thanks @Klemet


I see something similar in Windows but my dates fail to register at all sometimes.

To Reproduce
It seems to occur for newly created object type I have named “log”. These untitled Logs are created in the home page of the set and then I try to set the date for the log ahead of time (say, for a month from now).

Expected behaviour
Date should be able to be input for each log type and on first try,

System Information

  • Windows 11
  • Anytype 0.22.3

I am also experiencing this issue.
Win 10 Pro build 19044
Anytype version 0.23.0

Here is a quick GIF of me reproducing the issue.

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In my experience, this issue appears to be completely fixed in Anytype 0.23.5, both in a Set and the Object Canvas.