Multiple sets vs One set with multiple views


I am having a doubt of a functionality that can be achieved by both ways. I wonder which is the “proper” way, or if there is any technical recommended way to go about it.

Use case:

I have:

  • Recent diary entries
  • Yesterday’s diary entries
  • Today’s diary entries
  • Tomorrow diary entries
  • Upcoming diary entries
  • All diary entries

Would it be better to create 6 different Sets or create 1 Set with 6 different views ?

The goal is then to have Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’s sets/views inline in a home dashboard page, and recent/upcoming/all as links.

Having 1 set with 6 views seems “easier” to create the set, but having 6 sets seems “easier” to inline on the dashboard (without having to always customize the inline)

Another point to having separate sets is that one can have different titles.


Although the same can be achieved by multiple ways, is there a “recommended” way to go about it ? Or is it just a case of “do it how you want, does not matter, just be consistent about it” ?

Thanks !

There is no recommended way. It just depends on what you want to accomplish. The only thing to keep in mind in your case is that you can’t link to views, only sets.

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