Multiple requests regarding shortcuts

Hi, here are some thoughts for more shortcuts

1. Keyboard Shortcuts for shortcuts

When we are getting used to the app, or confused about a shortcut, it is great to have a one and only shortcut to remember to look up all the available shortcuts

many apps seems to use ctrl/cmd + space

2. Search within shortcuts

On the same line, it would be great to be able to search through the shortcuts

3. Keyboard shortcut for alignment (ctrl + L/R/E)

Alignment shortcuts are the ones that I continuously use, as per the habit of MS Words, and it would be useful to have for AnyType as well.

4. Emoji shortcut from ctrl + E -> ctrl + . or :

If ctrl + E become a centre aligned keyboard shortcut, it replaces the emoji shortcut, and hence it can become a different shortcut such as ctrl + . or :

(prefer : alike the shortcut for this community :slight_smile:

Thank you


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

A Shortcut for the “Shortcuts” Popup would be great to quickly glance the available shortcuts

Describe the solution you’d like

A shortcut key to show the “Shortcuts” Pop-up preferably <CTRL + Space>

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Manually opening the “Shortcuts” Pop-up from Help icon

Additional context

Windows Power-Toys has a useful utility to display available shortcuts using a keyboard shortcut:

MacOS has an app named “CheatSheet” to display available shortcuts using a keyboard shortcut:

<CTRL+Space> is also widely used by IDEs to provide code completion which makes it a suitable shortcut to display the available shortcuts


Also would like to search in shortcuts.

Would like to see the shortcut I am used to from multiple editors: Shift+Del to delete the complete line.