Moving Toggle with side-by-side blocks (columns), breaks Anytype

The Bug
When a Toggle containing side-by-side blocks (columns), is dragged (in an attempt to move the block), Anytype momentarily freezes, and the currently-open object becomes unresponsive (the action menu is replaced with a filter menu, though there is nothing to filter; no blocks can be moved; certain “auto-formatting” features, such as lists, do not work; and when the sidebar is enabled, it turns white, its position pushes over all the content on the home page, and it cannot be closed/hidden).

Once this issue occurs, Anytype must be restarted :sweat_smile:.

To Reproduce

  1. Open an object
  2. Create several blocks (of any type)
  3. Create a Toggle block, with several blocks nested therein
  4. Move the blocks inside the Toggle, next to one another (to create column[s])
  5. Try to move (drag) the Toggle block
  6. Click on the action menu indicator (three dots) of any block
  7. Try to move any other block(s)
  8. Try to convert any text in another block, into a list (via the auto-formatting feature)
  9. Enable the sidebar
  10. Return to the home page / dashboard

Expected Behavior
Moving the Toggle block with columns, should be the same as moving other blocks, and should not result in Anytype “breaking” or behaving strangely.

System Information:
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (Version 10.0.19042)
Anytype Version: 0.27.0

Additional Context

Really mystic bug, working on it


This was really hard to find bug and it was pretty critical, thanks, fixed it.