Moving blocks deletes empty blocks sometimes


Sometimes when moving blocks other blocks get deleted.


Move blocks between other blocks with empty block in between


No blocks should be deleted automatically


  • Windows 11 0.28.18 - beta
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I think this is intended behaviour!

Look closely where you place the blocks? When there is a small line between two blocks it places your black between them. If you see a thicker line, you place that text inside the empty block.

So you therefor are in control of the blocks, when you want to place one inbetween two blocks or place it in an empty block.


This is what it looked like to me as well, but I’d need to watch the video at .25x to confirm :sweat_smile:

Btw, @Balcion, you’ve tagged it as a Nightly Bug Report, but posted it in the regular category.

I know. But as you can see in the video at the end I move the block between two blocks not on top of one and the block gets still deleted.

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I think I have fixed it now. Good to know thx!

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Nope, you need to post bugs from Nightly versions in the Nightly Ops category.

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Just for making it more easily viewable it would be helpful to have the different blocks uniquely named. Like “1”,“2” etc. :sweat_smile:

I reprocuded that. Somehow it seems, that empty blocks are being deleted.

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I reproduced this on windows 10 Anytype 0.28.18-beta

In the video, the first time the 10 should have moved under the empty block (as the orange line suggests). The second time looks like expected behavior.
(please ignore the 10 when it teleports, those are just a couple of ctrl+z)


This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

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I am able to reproduce this as well. Took my time yesterday playing a bit in Anytype and realised my previous statement was not completely correct and indeed, placing a block next to an empty block replaces the empty block. Eventhough the indicator is inbetween two blocks!


If you move block to the empty on it gets replaced

@ignatovv thanks for clarifying. As mentioned in the original post and confirmed in replies in this topic, this is not the behavior users expect (and would prefer). Could this be raised as a feature request to never replace blocks?

There are two ways

  1. This post will get a significant amount of upvotes and we change default behaviour
  2. We will introduce the setting for this in distant future

hey guys just to clarify, for me this obviously seems to be a bug not any setting or indented behavior. One time no block gets deleted, the other time it gets. Its the exact same action with 2 different outcomes. The block is moved between blocks not onto it. And sometimes when moving a block between blocks it deletes an empty block nearby but only randomly.

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From a couple of ux tests we have seen repeating pattern: if user drops content into empty block they expected to replace the block and not to add children to empty blocks. So it depends on use case. So I suggest to keep it as it is right now and see how many users will encounter this problem in future.
Actions is not really the same. One time you have content and drop inside the other you have just empty block.

but this isnt quite what i reported in this bug report. im talking about moving blocks “between” blocks. Which deletes other blocks “sometimes” . Its not about dropping content into other blocks.

this is what i mean. i draged in between blocks and it deleted the other block.


This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be included in an upcoming release.

This seems to be fixed in the current release (0.30.0).

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