Mouse button forward/backward navigation

I have a 5 button mouse with two thumb buttons, one for “back” and one for “forward”. These work in web browsers and fairly broadly across other apps that have a “back”/“forward” concept. Many modern mice have these buttons.

I think Anytype should support back/forward buttons for navigation. It would correspond exactly to the < and > back/forward buttons in the top navbar. Alternatively, Anytype could allow customization of the button functions.

Additionally, these side buttons currently act with a behavior that is partially similar to the regular left/right buttons. They perform select action, but cannot activate menus. Even if back/forward is not supported for these buttons, I don’t think they should have a selection behavior, especially since they are not full analogues to the left/right buttons. I have a bug to report separately about this.

I’ll also note that Notion suffers from this exact same issue of the back button acting as “selection” instead, which is all the more frustrating since it is a web app and should respect these buttons. I reported it to them years ago but nothing changed. :woman_shrugging:


More inconsistent behavior: “back” button can activate page navigation/search button (center-top), but can’t activate the New Page button right next to it! Nor the Home button or any others in the header nav. Just Search, for some reason…

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OS: Windows 10

Version: 0.16.1

Argh, also just now seeing there are sub-categories here. Sorry, not used to Flarum yet. :laughing: Someone move this to Navigation if needed. @endac

I would love this feature too. I am used to use these buttons for like everything and it would be very convenient to use them in Anytype.

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Yeah me too.

And if this was implemented by the usual way, I think, the [Alt]+[Right]/[Left] would work too :innocent:

@wemiprog Alt+Right/Left arrow already works.

@BGray oh sorry then. Just tought that would be one systemcall implementation that does both AT the same time

+1 to that

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The mouse thumb buttons (commonly M4 and M5) usually map to back/forward functions. Works this way in browsers and windows explorer, etc. Currently the back and forward buttons don’t seem to do anything.

Not sure if this should go in bug reports or feature requests but wanted to add it anyways.

I had the same annoyance with notion actually :slight_smile: Hopefully anytype can solve this.


Can confirm! It would be great to have this.

@daanl @strig see it in the next release


Been wanting this for a long time myself! Glad to hear it’s coming soon.

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