Morning, evening rituals, with month report page database

Hi, i am still new to anytype and trying my best to experiment and learn, could anyone please help me with a quick guide to the best way to create morning ritual as follows as examples:
stretches, meditation, exercise etc with check boxes-each habit will have video or audio to help guide that task , then have a month page where it can display which days i did or didn’t (like a habit tracker i guess)

this month page also will contain projects, diary entries, and other pages. i am trying to analyze relevance between foods i ate to moods to energy to sleep, i am really struggling with all these things, so need to figure out what’s working and whats not…if you have any idea how to see clearly my energy and mood for days next to foods i ate log for the whole month it would be amazing,please let me know

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i guess i am replying to myself here, but maybe it’s useful for someone else. i managed to solve this by using diary, i created relations inside of diary templates, lets say meditation, then anywhere else i can create view and pull that relation into view fields using /inline then selecting diary as a source then switching on that relation view on then i can select or the relevant morning ritual check boxes relations in that inline view and i can see day by day what i managed to do and what’s not, i can also create anything related, like how many coffees i had and what time (relationship) how many hours i slept, what i ate…etc and i can organise what shows next to what etc…i also created finance system using the diary, earning, food cost for the day, drinks spending, cloth shopping etc…the key is the diary template, types didn’t work because they are prominently either on or off…no instances as far as i know. you need to spend time, create things and delete if it doesn’t work…have fun…you will enjoy the results eventually.
ps the money currency is in VND

vietnamese currency, i am not a millionaire yet haha


excellent work I will try to follow in your footsteps, keep updating with what is getting

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