More detailed release notes


Currently, release notes are by major release rather than by specific version. For example, the latest release notes cover the entire 0.33 release. All of the changes on versions 0.33.1, 0.33.2, and 0.33.3 seem to be included at the bottom, but it’s not clear (there is just a bug fixes category, and we have to assume that the changes on versions 0.33.1, 0.33.2, and 0.33.3 were bug fixes included in that category).

This makes it hard to know what changes were actually included in dot releases.


I would suggest, inside a major release’s release notes, subheadings with each dot release and the specific changes they included.

Mattermost adds it at the top of the major release’s release notes:

But these could be at the bottom too:

v0.34: [release announcement title like “Enter the Void”]

  • Highlight 1 and description
  • Highlight 2 and description
  • Highlight 3 and description
  • Full list of changes in v0.34.0
  • v0.34.1: list of changes and fixes
  • v0.34.2: list of changes and fixes
  • v0.34.3: list of changes and fixes

Hi @raph, this has been brought up before and the team decided to spend more time on developing Anytype and not spend time on more detailed release notes. This mighty change in the future.

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I do agree here with @sambouwer. I think at current stage it’s more important to speed up the development instead of spending too much time with detailed release notes.

As a temporary alternative, you could check here when @Angelo or another team member posts: “This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.” This usually indicates that this bug fix will be part of the next (dot-)release.

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