Modification of Pre-installed Types Restore to default after restart

Renaming, editing, modifying pre-installed Types or Relations return to default after restarting Anytype.

Rename the officially provided relations, restart the software, all edits are restored to the default names


mac0s 12.6



Anytype Version:



Hi @huaan

Thanks for your post. If I understand correctly, you’re attempting to rename pre-installed Relations, presumably in your native language but it’s not possible to edit the default Types and Relations.

Edit: @huaan is correct, this is a bug and not the intended functionality.

The good news is, there’s nothing special about ours. You can easily create your own custom Types and Relations to serve the same purpose, or something entirely unique.

You can do this within an object or via the Library:

Hello Angelo, my best regards!

The post on “What’s new” in the app, as well as the following blog link, is about the possibility to rename default “Types” and “Relations”.

The same “bug” is happening in the platform Windows 10, but with a slight difference: it is random that new “Types”/“Relations” disappear, as well as return to the default name in the case of those that are pre-installed.

A friend and I are facing this same problem on the Windows platform.
We decided to use the default Types and Relations until it is fixed.

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Hi @holy, same to you :cowboy_hat_face:

You’re right! This blog post definitely gives the impression that default Types and Relations should be customizable. It was not my understanding that it was possible for most of them due to their fundamental nature.

I need to confirm with the Team whether this is intended functionality, or if the blog post is conveying inaccurate info.

Thanks a lot for pointing it out!

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

We will hide pre-installed types in the future