Mobile anytype set ui like notion

Do yall prefer the current ui of mobile sets over notions mobile databse view in terms of usability?

No doubt anytype looks much richer than notion mobile, but i find it very tough to use mobile sets in anytype as compared to in notion mobile, what are yalls thoughts on it?

I kinda like the Anytype sets. What exactly do you find tough to use compared to Notion?


Mobile apps always showing the title at the top (of the row in table view) while showing the relations at the bottom was strange to get used to, but I think that was the right call. It’s too easy for the title to get cut off on a vertical screen in Notion’s table view, and that solves it well. However, there are definitely scenarios where always showing the title at the top is unwanted, and there probably should be a toggle to disable it in the future.

Otherwise, the one thing that is causing some discomfort is the column width not being available on mobile. Relations with too many attributes get cut off, and it’s fairly inconvenient to have to open it like that. The lack of bidirectional scrolling makes navigating the table view a bit strange, but Notion does that too.


Yes the fact that I cant change the width of my relations which is too small by default makes it bit annoying when using object type relations and stuff…if you change the width of notion relations in desktop, you will see your width getting changed in mobile view too. But in anytype its fixed whether you change it or not, it remains the default small size