Minor: Wasted step in adding a cover image/color

This may be a matter of opinion, but I find the automatic selection of a random color for the cover image to be fairly useless. If I click “add cover” it should immediately open the dialog to pick a color manually, pick a built-in image, or upload. Instead, on clicking “add cover”, it adds a random cover color, and then I need to click a second time on “Update cover” to replace it. That’s an unnecessary step if you ask me.

So to reiterate, clicking “Add Cover” should immediately open the dialog you get now when you click “Update cover”. No need for 2 steps.


+1 from me. I think they have not seen this bug report.

I think they should add “Add Cover” and Add “Add Random Cover” options for selecting cover that would make it straight forward.

Maybe I am the weird one, but I do enjoy the random color haha.

As of today clicking “Cover” is opening the pop up to select aa colour or upload an image.
So could we see this one as fixed?

You are correct, thanks for checking!:tada:

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