Mind map object/page with page/file links

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Sometimes you have a lot of ideas for a new project and a mind map helps you get it done quickly. It would be interesting to be able to add links to other pages or files of anytype.

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An mind map object or page

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im all for it,hoping more will upvote this :slight_smile:

Concept maps would be great too!


would love this!!


It would be great to have a page of mind-map view that includes objects and would display them in a connected way. If the mind-mapping feature is implemented this way, it could be possible that the internal structure be integrated into the tree view, and that we can easily organise objects scattered around in other places.


Hello everyone :nerd_face: Thanks for rising this one up
I don’t see any way it could be easily integrated in current product.
But it is a prominent feature request and we will cook it in our graph view department when the next iteration of graph view updates will come :pray:


May I suggest something? U mentioned that there’s not a way that it can be integrated in the current product, but I think there may be depending on whether you’re refering to the structural dependecing (back end) or just the front end of it and how to incorporate it like the graph view for example.

Anytype currently supports bullet points right? so one of the easiest way of providing users with a mind map is to generate one from the bullet points (nested lists) in a single page/object. For Example the mind map starts with the name of the page as the starting point. Then the hierarchy of the nodes would be in the following order:

  1. Title
  2. Heading
  3. Sub-Heading
  4. Bullet points with all their indents counting as new nodes.

Considering the fact that the mind map feature is mostly used with outlining an idea or topic in a bullet point style, I think this method would satisfy a big group of users. As for how it can be displayed, I’d imagine a similar button near the graph view which launches a windows into the mind map feature generated from the logic above would be fairly straightforward.

Also, as a next step we could add in nested pages to the mix to further expand its functionality. An example is demonstrated bellow:


I know this is old topic but any plan for that in the - distant - future have been reconsidered ? Maybe somerting like what Obsidian is doing by integrating Mermaid instead of something more complex like their canvas new feature ?

A embed url coming soon (less or more ^^), and this may be the answer to this type of need :slight_smile:

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