Migrations Failure: Lost all media after update to 0.32.0

Update from 0.31.0 to 0.31.8, and update to 0.32.0.

Follow 0.32.0 instruction, first export (get a ~800kb zip file), and install 0.32.0, and import.

All images in note are missing (report broken image), and customized icon in Graphic also missed.

Check the working directory, 0.31.8 about 477MB, and 0.32.0 about 337MB.
Check Everything->Media, all media in 0.31.8 lost (except a pdf file).

use windows Anytype, without sync to any other device.

Hi @aryanli, did you make sure that everything was synced in v0.31.8? Since the export is done locally, the objects have to fully sync first. Try going back to v0.31.8 and waiting a while for all of your objects to sync from the old Anytype node before exporting.

One situation we have encountered is that we export Protobuf with just the text data, getting a zip that does not contain things like images, pdfs and other files.

Any Version 0.31.9.

Also, make sure that you have quit your Legacy version (0.31.8), before importing to (0.32.0). The images may not appear if both apps are open.

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