Migration to (Pre)-Beta or Start Fresh: What's your plan?

Greetings esteemed community members,

We kindly request a bit of your time to engage in this survey :point_down:

Do you plan to Migrate your content from Alpha (Legacy) or start fresh with (Pre)-Beta?

  • I plan to migrate Legacy→(Pre)-Beta :mountain_biking_man:
  • I prefer a fresh start with (Pre)-Beta :bubbles:

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For context:

Our next release will be the candidate for our Beta Software :tada:

It’s a completely new application with our improved Anysync infrastructure, redesigned Navigation via side-bar, the introduction of Personal Spaces, and lots of new features like Collections.

If you’ve created content in the Alpha (Legacy) version that you want to keep, you’ll need to migrate it.

The process is currently being tested with our Nightly Types and is relatively straight-forward.
Essentially like this: Export from Legacy app → Install & open Beta app → Import to Beta app

Learn more by viewing our last Town-hall event here: A First Look At Our New Beta Software

Instead of migrating, you’ll have the following alternatives:

  • Start fresh with our (Pre)-Beta software

  • Selectively import your Objects from Legacy to (Pre)-Beta (1 by 1).

(You may want to do this if your Legacy account has become messy but you have a few projects you’d like to carry over to (Pre)-Beta.)

For these options you’ll need to create a new account, which will generate a new Recovery Phrase.

Thanks for participating in this poll as it will help us finalize some important UX decisions.

We eagerly anticipate the results!


We were told that there is a benefit for being an alpha user, will we lose this if we start fresh with the beta version? This post says that we will need to make a new account with a new finger print phrase if we want to start over.


I don’t know - it seemed like from what I heard that there would be a free tier for everyone, and then if you need more storage or run out of storage that there would be the ability to upgrade. @Angelo, could you clarify?

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My understanding is that alpha users will get some sort of extra free cloud storage compared to normal users or something like that.

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Yes, I will clarify storage rewards soon.

You will not lose your status as Alpha Type after switching to Beta. The badge you see under your name will remain there, and all new people coming to the Beta app will be grouped as Beta Types. There are multiple ways for us to evidence who was here prior to the Beta version.


As a nightly tester I am at a split in the road with this question.

On one hand I would love a completely fresh start, as I have been one of the users that has seen many sync/data issues, perhaps more then most. Then, I would likely slowly start making Anytype my main note taking app (which is the long term goal anyways).

On the other hand, I would love to migrate to continue testing this great piece of software to make it better in the future. Specially since I have had many sync/data issues. :wink: But this will mean that Anytype will absolutely not be my main note taking app for a long time.


Is a partial migration possible? I have some elements I would like to migrate and others I entered just for testing I do not want any longer. What is the recommended path in this case? Migrate everything and then delete all the stuff I don‘t need?


This exactly what I referred to here :point_up:

Prior to the (Pre)-Beta release, you’ll receive an update in the Alpha (Legacy) app, which has the migration functionality, as well as the ability to export Objects individually.

Those individual Objects can then be imported 1 by 1 into the (Pre)-Beta software.

As I mentioned above, this will require you to make a new account in (Pre)-Beta. This is because fresh accounts require a unique AnyID in order to avoid a sync conflict with your Legacy account.


I migrated from Alpha to nightly Beta some time ago. I logged in with my seed and it worked. But the Anytype ID in the beta is different from the one in Alpha? I did NOT start a fresh account, so how is my AnyID different? I was told in chat that this is typical behaviour, but after reading your post I’m scared which one to use from here on?

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@plotsklapps This was about fresh accounts, not migrated.

If you did a migration, your Legacy and Beta accounts are linked on the node level, but only for files, like images etc (even if the AnyIDs are different). Honestly, it’s a quite technical and irrelevant thing to discuss here.

There’s nothing to worry about.


this was my understanding too based on initial onboarding call

Thank you for that explanation! It’s just an exciting time and altough I love fiddling around with nightly stuff, I’m scared to break anything I will regret. For now, I will just enjoy the ride.

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What badge are you referring to? The only badge I see is the one in this group, but that’s not linked to our app account from my understanding.

I’m planning to do a fresh start with the beta software so just want to make sure I don’t lose the benefits of being in the alpha if I do a fresh start.

There are ways to prove your participation, but we will try to make it as automatic as possible. Ill get back to you about it when we have a detailed solution.


Awesome, thanks!

It’s complicated… haha

I’d love a fresh start because I will get overwhelmed with all the things I have in my anytype and the new things that are implemented but on the other side, I’m too lazy to do it 1 by 1 and I would get overwhelmed anyway :sweat_smile:

I can’t wait for the beta tho, I’m too excited!



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Like others here I’m in the middle if the road since I upgraded to the (so great) Nightly version. User since a month I didn’t had much content stored so the migration when smoothly, therefore I’ll continue with the pre-release.

Now that I plan to migrate my complete Notion content to Anytype I really would like to emphasize this feature request: Add options to change Type and Relations of multiple Objects in right click menu

Looking at my 200 recipes in Notion and thinking that I’ll need to transform them one by one manually into a “recipe” object is really a turn off. IMHO it should be a top priority to convert more users willing to switch.


Hi, first message here from an alpha user. I have just played around with the alpha so far and plan to start new and fresh with the pre-beta. Depending on the time frame … Is there a more or less fixed date now when the pre-beta will be available? I am waiting to get things done…

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