Mermaid Graph Support

Please forgive me for making a post, I know I mentioned it in a comment but I figure an individual post would make it easier to track interest

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I think it’d be pretty great if we could build graphs in AnyType, most graph platforms are clunky or have massive UI implications, one that I really like is Mermaid, the graphs are built using a markdown like syntax, and generated on device

Describe the solution you’d like

Implementing inside the editor would be awesome

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

I saw someone talk about something like but imo that’s too much of it’s own product to fully package into AnyType in a nice elegant way

Additional context

Mermaid supports all kinds of graphs, it’s basically a wrapper around .dot files, but it’s quite nice because it’s easily interpreted by humans

A->B would create a graph with two vertices, with an edge connecting them, this can scale for large complex diagrams too.


@fyne You are always welcome, even encouraged, to post uniquely different requests as their own Topic here. They are easier to track and prioritize that way. Thanks for the idea!

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@fyne +1 for your idea.

Mermaid is so powerful for sequence diagram and class diagram. some editors of mardown already integrate it.


This would make a great plugin. Adding to

Mermaid is well supported by many other tools like notion and obsidian. It works as an additional Markdown code block.
Something like:

Graph TD

can make a great flowchart.

Hope to see Anytype support this in the future.