Merge Embeds into one option

As it is right now when you want to add an embed the right-click menu gives you all of the embed options and countless other things you can do.

Even as it is now we have 20 embed options that show up with no doubt more coming in the future as the option is expanded on. I feel like it is going to only continue cluttering up the menu.

I would say either add a submenu or when it places the embed block let you choose the embed source.

It is not a huge thing, I feel like the right-click menu could use a little refinement all around, but I feel like this is a small change that could improve not only the workflow but the overall cleanliness of the application.

Not an immediate priority but I think would be nice to consider going forward, and perhaps spark more conversation about the look and feel of the program for the user.


I think it’s a good idea, we’ll conned this! Thanks!