Memory Leak: Starts at about ~12GB and grows to ~24GB

When I start Anytype the “anytypeProcess” immediately takes up around 12GB and quickly grows:

This reliably happens for me every time I start Anytype. I generally close it after making changes so it doesn’t hog all my memory in the background.

I first noticed it when running version 0.34 but it remains an issue after updating to 0.35

Technical Details

Device: hostname-lan
OS version: darwin arm64 13.2.1
App version: 0.35.0
Build number: build on 2023-09-11 10:18:52 +0000 UTC from at #34462c90ec541475a6f4a24bfe3084e4a9a423dd(v0.28.2)
Library version: v0.28.2
Account ID: A7jEYifY7VxjfYu18ucLydmd3rRQnwcdEyHGVvc8Y7D2TnWC
Analytics ID: undefined
Device ID: undefined

I found this similar issue but I think it’s different to what I’m seeing since in my case it’s using an order of magnitude more memory and it happens immediately after launch rather than after 3 days.