May Update

The Juneboardening Cometh

It’s time! Our first Juneboardening took place last Thursday. It was our largest cohort of alpha testers yet, and we welcome them to the program. Thank you for your patience.

We look forward to seeing what you build with Anytype – and the bugs that you find!

Here’s the schedule of events for the month of June.

Onboarding sessions take place on Thursdays at 1500 UTC over Zoom. I’ll send an email with a calendar invite earlier in the week.

What is the onboarding session? Most importantly, it’s not a sales call. There’s no timeshare, no upsell, no annual discount anyone is trying to hawk. Anytype is still in alpha. It is not yet feature-complete. We need to take some time to walk you through the product, and we want to provide you with an opportunity to meet the team and answer any questions you might have.

For the time being, these are a prerequisite for getting access to the alpha. If you can’t make the call, I’ll add you to the list for the next one. Later this month I will arrange for an alternative time for people who can’t make it. Most likely a meeting each at 0900UTC and 1500UTC on a Saturday towards the end of the month.

What if you just discovered Anytype and signed up for the alpha last week? Will you still get access in June? Some back-of-the-envelope math tells me yes, most likely. So keep an eye on that inbox, and please attend if you can.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom this month.

The aftermath: July and August.

Thanks to everyone who came to our first community event on Discord. There were some excellent questions, and I hope you enjoyed our demo of object types, sets, and relations.

Once we get through June, there will - of course - be more opportunities to take part in the alpha. The team are hard at work on subsequent versions of Anytype, and we’ll start testing the first version for iOS this summer. June also marks one year of Anytype alpha testing, and I’ll be reaching out to our earliest users to find out what a year of Anytype has meant for them.

There are great stories to be told - from the Anyteam and the community, and these stories need a home. I’m cooking up a new publication for Anytype, which will launch this summer. I hope it will provide a richer experience that better reflects all the brilliant people in our little corner of the internet.

This publication lacks a name, and this is where I need your help. What would you name a publication about Anytype, its developers, and community? I would love to hear your ideas. There is both glory and swag in it for you!

Finally, our next community event will take place in July. We’ll share some more product updates (iOS?) and unpack the Juneboardening. I continue to remain cautiously optimistic about an in-person meetup in Berlin/London sometime this summer. Anytype BBQ, anyone?

That’s all from me this month. Please keep an eye on your inboxes, have patience, and we’ll speak soon on Zoom!