Maximizing with UI widget breaks Windows system hotkeys

On Windows, the arrow keys are used in combination with the Win/Super key to position, minimize, and maximize windows. ([Example.](

In the Anytype 0.18.28 for Windows, this functionality [breaks if you use the title-bar maximize button to maximize your window]( You can no longer snap or minimize the window using the directional keys.

If you use the directional keys to maximize the window instead, window management still works normally. It’s just clicking the button that does this.

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@triangles Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

Tested in Anytype for Windows 0.27.0:

Open Anytype, then maximize using either:

  • Double clicking the title bar
  • Using the Maximize button
  • Using the Windows hotkeys (WIN+UP ARROW)

Then use the Windows hotkeys (WIN+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW) to resize and reposition the window.

This worked properly every time.

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