Masonry view for Sets

I’d like the option for “Masonry” view, which is similar to Gallery view, but with variable card sizes based on content. Would be great if we could customize how much of the page content should be shown (before the ellipsis).

This is also mentioned in the FR below:


Well, actually gallery view is masonry and card sizes are varied based on content. For example if you add several relations in the view and some cards won’t have them the size becomes different. But I’ve got your point, you want some relations to be more descriptive.

I think that it should be feasible using the card size setting, we can adjust relations content depending on what size of the card you choose, to keep things simple.


Actually I think my post wasn’t clear.
I’d like the content of the object itself to show, up to a certain (possibly customizable) break point.

One could, for example, choose to show the full content of all cards. This means that objects with 1 block of text/content will be shorter than objects with several blocks.

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Object preview inside a data view would be cool to have!


I think I’ll reword my original post to focus on that then. Makes sense?