Markdown Export - Relations as YAML

Is your feature request related to a problem?
This is not a problem, simply something useful.

Describe the solution you’d like
That the relations in a page that has been exported would have the possibility to be exported via YAML formatting, either in a separate file or at the top separated by two — lines. Ideally this would also work for import, but this request is mainly for Markdown export.

Ideally, you should even be able to decide which relations to export, or even be able to define how you would like the various relations are formatted in YAML (like, single tag, tags in brackets, sub-tags…), but the title, created, modified, and tags relations should always be present.

Give us a real world use case for this feature
Example of output:

tags: [university, italian, second_semester]
created: 05-10-2020
modified: 10-12-2022
professor: Aida Catalanotti
title: Giacomo Leopardi

This would help importing Anytype notes into Obsidian for example. At the moment you need to do all this manually.

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Hi, thanks for posting a feature request! It looks like this feature request might be a duplicate of another feature request about YAML export, although that also includes import here. Do you want to merge the two?

Could I have a link? Nothing popped up in the sidebar when I was making the post, but I probably should’ve just searched better.

Looks like the link didn’t get sent properly, here it is:

Yes, this is relevant, please merge, thanks

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