Make use of available space when no icon/cover is used

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I have a lot of objects, that doesnt use a cover or an icon. And there is some space wasted up there. Especially on smaller screens

Describe the solution you’d like
When no icon/cover is specified, move the content higher on the page.

Edit: Also slimming down the space between the “Type”/“Author” line an the first line of text could be a bit less in my opinion.


You can already gain a line with the Note Layout. :point_down:t2:


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Thats right. But then I am missing a Title.

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Since the space is currently “blocked” by the options, that appear when hovering over the empty space. I thought, where they could be instead.


Those things aren’t getting changed that much (in my use at least). So I would have no problem with placing them in the bar above or the menu on the side.

But I get, that this may not be the most untitive then.

Another option would be to make it possible to show one of those “insert block” hover actions above the Title and then be able to insert the cover or an icon.

The relations option could be accessed from here maybe, where the actual relations show up.

And the “Layout” options then could go into the objects menu on the right side.

I’m open for ideas.


I agree that there is too much wasted space, IMO the best thing is to just shrink that space a little, like this:



Only other thing that seems doable is to move the options like this but I don’t like it as much: