Make "toggle" a feature of every block instead of/in addition to a block type

@ignatovv so what is the current plan?

IMO we should be able to set any decoration (H1,H2H3) as Toggle, but it shouldn’t be enabled by default like Obsidian does

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Ideally, it would be an option, as I would definitely want not to need to do it manually like how it is today.

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Yes. That is what I want as well. I think I should have the option to set any block as a toggle, but I don’ t think toggle should be the default.

Also, I would like to add that, if I do turn a heading into a toggle, then the heading style should remain. To explain further, the H1,H2,H3 headings are larger and bolder than regular text. And, I think, they should stay that way even if we choose to turn the heading into a toggle.

In 0.30.0, turning a heading into a toggle would change the format of the heading and turn it into normal text.

Now, in 0.32.3, if I turn a heading into an inline object with “turn into an object” option, than I can still further format the inline object to look like a heading. So, this makes me think that maybe if I turn a heading into a toggle, then I may still be able to format the toggle as a heading. 2 formatting for the same text may be possible.

I know the team is busy. I hope everyone is resting and staying healthy.

Have a good day. :blush::bouquet:

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Hi @ignatovv. I’m a new arrival, and so excited about Anytype. I strongly urge your team to consider this request not as a style/formatting preference, but as a necessary organization and navigation feature. Upvotes may not be indicative of the number of people this would benefit and attract, if any current users haven’t experienced the profound benefits of organizing and navigating a page/note this way. Many others in the “TfT” and “PKM” world have, and I believe they’ll come to you. But…

The issue holding me back from migrating is that when I import and try working on one of my existing project docs, I have to manually scroll through all the text on a page to get around, rather than being able to collapse and expand sections to see the wider or narrower view as needed. Whether I’m researching, brainstorming, planning, or drafting, I use headings and subheadings to organize the categories of my content, which frequently contains numbered and bulleted lists. Obsidian demonstrates that having all of these be collapsible/expandable by default is possible in an unobtrusive way.

Let’s say I’m in the deep flow of work and a new idea arises but I’m not sure where on the current page it should go. Currently, I’d have to scroll through the entire page, using my own working memory to remember the section headings and their locations, so I can make this decision and put the idea in the best place. To get back to work, I then need to remember where I had been working, scroll back there, and try to regain my flow. This scenario is a constant part of my workflow, and this much disruption is a deal-breaker. Alternatively, with the option to “collapse all” headings and lists, Anytype would take on that cognitive load so I could quickly drop the idea in the right place and return to work.

This is not a request for Anytype to become an outliner app. This is about users needing the ability to choose when it’s effective to see everything all at once, versus zooming out to view the big picture. Anytype already brilliantly implements this paradigm on the macro level with sets. Imagine if instead of being able to view, find, and jump between our objects this way, we could only view an unfiltered list of everything we have. The app would become less and less functional the more we create. For me, and many other writers, researchers, students, and knowledge workers, the same is true at the page/note/document level.

Thanks for reading this screed! I really hope this can be implemented soon so I can get onboard and spread the word.


@Unliterate thanks for sharing your thoughts! I fully agree :slight_smile:


@Unliterate Thanks for this wonderful piece. Hope to see it implemented soon

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Please make it happen

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Hey @ignatovv, did these plans get scrapped? I was psyched to see that you said (in August 2022) this was 100% happening. It certainly doesn’t seem like other “on track” features are requiring 1+ year turnarounds, are they? It would be awesome if someone could give an update after this long. Thank you!

Hi @Unliterate. This feature is 100% on track and we are aware of this feature. Delivery time is dependent on the feature priority. Last year we were busy with Widgets, Simple tables, Inline Sets, Kanban, Library updates, Graph updates, Open source, Self hosting and lots of other things we considered more of priority.
This exact feature is going to be done as a part of wiki use case polishing. The planned dates of the release Q4 23 - Q1 24 :pray:


Is that all​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Could we have toggle for divider as well?

I would like to use it for something like toggle / hide metadata /YAML front matters for relations? Many times I want to reach the main contents of the object quickly instead of scrolling down but relations don’t make sense to be put elsewhere though. For example, I want to quickly see the lyrics of song objects instead of going through the singer, composer, genre etc.

I currently block the relations between two dividers and I would like to toggle this part.

Toggle design Design-or-UI

On side note, there are different design options for the location of toggle button in above discussion.

  1. In side a block (like the current design in Anytype) moving contents backward or indenting the text. As separate display using >.
  1. dot itself is the toggle - enabling the use of bullet / number list.
  1. :+1: Toggle at the three dot button or before any text. This enables the ability to have full length of divider with page length, as well as matching text alignment without indentation. ← I prefer this method.

Like the heading toggle in the below video

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Hey, that’s great news! Thanks for the update, @ignatovv. And my full respect to you and the team for the list of things you’ve already accomplished.

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I believe i have just requested the same feature, so i will bump your thread too given it was 3 years ago and is still not a feature.
Seems a popular request too!