Make "toggle" a feature of every block instead of/in addition to a block type

@Unliterate Thanks for this wonderful piece. Hope to see it implemented soon

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Please make it happen

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Hey @ignatovv, did these plans get scrapped? I was psyched to see that you said (in August 2022) this was 100% happening. It certainly doesn’t seem like other “on track” features are requiring 1+ year turnarounds, are they? It would be awesome if someone could give an update after this long. Thank you!

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Hi @Unliterate. This feature is 100% on track and we are aware of this feature. Delivery time is dependent on the feature priority. Last year we were busy with Widgets, Simple tables, Inline Sets, Kanban, Library updates, Graph updates, Open source, Self hosting and lots of other things we considered more of priority.
This exact feature is going to be done as a part of wiki use case polishing. The planned dates of the release Q4 23 - Q1 24 :pray:


Is that all​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Could we have toggle for divider as well?

I would like to use it for something like toggle / hide metadata /YAML front matters for relations? Many times I want to reach the main contents of the object quickly instead of scrolling down but relations don’t make sense to be put elsewhere though. For example, I want to quickly see the lyrics of song objects instead of going through the singer, composer, genre etc.

I currently block the relations between two dividers and I would like to toggle this part.

Toggle design Design-or-UI

On side note, there are different design options for the location of toggle button in above discussion.

  1. In side a block (like the current design in Anytype) moving contents backward or indenting the text. As separate display using >.
  1. dot itself is the toggle - enabling the use of bullet / number list.
  1. :+1: Toggle at the three dot button or before any text. This enables the ability to have full length of divider with page length, as well as matching text alignment without indentation. ← I prefer this method.

Like the heading toggle in the below video

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Hey, that’s great news! Thanks for the update, @ignatovv. And my full respect to you and the team for the list of things you’ve already accomplished.


I believe i have just requested the same feature, so i will bump your thread too given it was 3 years ago and is still not a feature.
Seems a popular request too!

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We have preliminarily planned this for implementation by the end of the year :pray:


Seems like “toggle” is a very popular request. Even I’m thrilled for the released of this feature. Hopefully it is not restricted only to toggle list/text and toggle headers like the one implemented in Notion.

Please rang us when this feature is released :green_heart:

Thank you Anytype, you guys rock! :star: :stadium:


After starting to make long notes with titles & subtitles, I realise how relevant hour request is.

And it even becomes vital on small screens like my phone ! It’s even better than a TOC available by swiping a screen from the right of the screen imo (although complementaty)


I also vote for Toggle Heders.

Even better would be the ability to switch between different headers by selecting from a list.

I am currently faced with the problem of how to convert an order form into an invoice. The data from the order form should automatically flow into the invoice.

At present, Anytype does not offer the option of automatically transferring existing data to a separate form. (at least I don’t know of such a way).
My workaraound would be to design two forms on a single page (with partially duplicated relations of the same name) and then work with toggles to finally have the desired information in the printout.
Unfortunately, this is not possible because the header, of all things, cannot be switched.


What Do You Recommend?

The possibility to set blocks with “toogle” (style) as headers (h1, h2…)

Real World Use-Cases

When I type/study my class notes, I like to have things nested (to choose the level of complexity).


Same in Logseq.
Although I would like it if unlike in Loqseq and Roam, it could stay a choice not a default (mandatory) feature.
I don’t think every writing situation requires collapsible blocks.
It sometimes adds a “level of complexity” that I just like not to have in my way.

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Wondering about the progress of this feature. Really looking forward to it!!!


For me sufficient would be to allow adjusting the toggle size by combining them with headings. Similarly to Craft approach:

SreenShot 2024-02-08 at 10.52.30

Instead of making every block collapsable, I prefer that way which allows me to decide when to use it

This was always the intention of this feature request:

I still think Capacities has one of the best current example implementations of this:

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I’ve just created an account here to ask for this, truly a mass request.


Update: This is in the backlog for 2024 on our Public Roadmap