Make Reusing Media in Links Easier


Currently, it’s not very easy to embed same media in different places. If you block link to a media object, the current views available are text and card—but not embed as with if you had uploaded the object directly. I think it’d be very helpful to add direct image/video/audio/file embeds as a view option for block links. As a corollary to this, allow directly uploaded media to be displayed in a card view, as is currently possible with block links. Perhaps allow the user to configure whether they’d like to see the link, card, or embed view by default for block links in settings. Further, I think it makes sense to collapse the distinction entirely for the difference in menu options between direct uploads of media objects and block links to that same object.¹ Also, because you likely won’t know the exact name of the media (they can tend to have a randomized alphanumeric sequence as its title), I think it will be helpful to add a way to filter for the Type you’re looking for directly in search (either in a block link using /link or by using @)—not only for media Types, but all Types as well. Additionally, I believe Shift+Enter should initiate a search when selecting a media file from the regular ‘/’ command pallet, instead of a prompt to upload a file from your computer. For point-and-click aspect of this function, there could be a conveniently placed search bar at the right-hand side of the inline media selection menu—perhaps how the “Link to object” command already works, where if you hover over the button you’ll see a prompt to filter objects.² These changes should make it much easier for users to use pre-existing media objects anywhere they see fit in their Anytype.

¹ Menus for links to the same image object. The first is for the direct upload. The second is for the block link.

² We could have the first image look more like the second, with a search bar for easy filtering access.