Make linking objects more natural and inviting

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I do like the fact that we can link objects and view the links in graph view like in obsidian, i used to use obsidian, but linking objects there was very easy and inviting, on anytype, not very much, it takes more of a notion approach here, so i dont find myself linking objects as much as i did on obsidian

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Takw more of an obsidian approach here, linking objects just by [[]] would be easier, give us the most recently used object type option to choose from when creating the linked object name and if the word matches an existing object, just display that existing object name which yall already do, remove the “create new object” button after we write the object name we want to link, or else this would be more of a two step process than just one like in obsidian, this is a small change, but makes the ui way more inviting to use, the attention to detail is imp here, ik it wont change a lot of things, just my removing a simple create new object button, but trust me, it has affected me alot in the way i link objects on anytype now, give it the apple approach😉

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Hi @Ishaan, I believe the Anytype team is aware that the “flow” to, for example, link objects needs to be optimized. Thanks for your suggestions!

Maybe I don’t get it completely but you can link other objects using @
Also the second part of request as far as I understand is about removing create object button from the first position in the menu. If I got you right it is already implemented :relieved:

I was triggered by @Ishaan’s note of the [[]] double bracket linking of Objects, so I’m linking a similar request by @Oshyan:

@Ishaan could you check whether the linked topic covers your request enough to be a duplicate?

Yes! Merge it maybe

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