Make anytype for mobile platforms as ergonomic as it was during alphas

previously in anytype beta anytype was easily accessible , even one handed, since you could swipe to the bottom and have your homepage move accordingly, taking only half the screen space, and showing in the lower end portion of the screen

that was the case for android, iOS , or even IpadOS

now with the new anytype, there is no such gesture , and the dashboard, or any important objetcts, are all in the top of the scren , which make it super hard to reach , especially on bigger devices

it would be nice if we could have the old “bring menu down” UI like before :slight_smile:

cheers !

Hi @avi, I definitely agree accessibility is an important topic! You could edit the home screen to get all the important stuff at the bottom of the screen by placing some placeholder links at the top. Not a permanent solution, but it might make your life a tiny bit easier :slight_smile:


Yes , that’s what I was planning to do , thanks !

If you agree , could you please vote (just above the post) , to show that this matters to other people as well ? Thank you !

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