Maintaining Relation Graph

I just manually imported about a 100 notes from my joplin to anytype following the guide “Outline note-taking method”.
The notes work as expected but when I look at the graph everything is scattered.

The only thing linking is:

                                                  Note 1
                                                           Note 2   Note 5
                                                   Note 4            Note 3

[ Home   -------> Notes ]

What I want… (Was Expecting) :

                                Note 3(Outline Notes)
[Home ---------> Notes(Set)] ---------> Note 2(Outline Notes)
                                Note 1(Outline Notes)

I have tried creating tags (Notes from Joplin) and putting it on each and every note.
That didn’t work.

There’s something I am not getting right.
The graph section is cluttered despite it’s goal to make everything relate to everything nicely.

And, None of the notes are relating to myself (Person-Scientiac) as well. I feel like I am missing out quite a bit here . Please help!!

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Sets are just a view of related objects and does not relate to each objects inside it other than acting as a container to group them. However, you can link the set to the elements of the set using the following workaround:

This is actually a bug and is being tracked in the following post


Could you share how to manually import notes?

Copy and Paste, Copy and Paste, Copy and Paste :rofl::rofl:

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Oh, I see :slight_smile: