Maintain back/forward navigation on Home

Currently the Home page header loses the back/forward navigation. User has just as much potential need to go back or forward from the home page as any other page, I think. So the nav should be maintained throughout. This is especially true for e.g. accidentally hitting Home button. Whoops! How do I get back to the page I was on? :wink:

Platform: Desktop

OS: Windows 10

Version: 0.16.1


I find the buttons on the top bar too far away. I know this sounds weird, but can’t put my finger on how other software does navigation right now.

Anyway, if you hit ALT + LEFT ARROW on the dashboard it goes back to the page you were on, no matter if it was a sub-page.

It would also be nice to be able to navigate back and forward with the respective mouse buttons - at least with mice which have those buttons.

the mouse button back and forward nav is very much ingrained in my subconsciousness from having spent ages in web browsers :wink:

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@Arminus Duplicate of [21](Mouse button forward/backward navigation).

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Additionally, I must say after visiting the “version history” of any page there is no way to use the back button to navigating back.