MacOS native interface, please!

Hi, I’ve been playing around with Anytype and things seem fun so far. I like the paradigm and there’s a lot of potential in this. But my first impressions are that there’s a lot of wrinkles to be polished out (not exclusive to macOS).

  • Double clicking the titlebar does nothing. For native apps you can configure this in system preferences to either zoom or minimize.

  • Click-drag in graph view instead of 2 finger gestures like pinching and panning. See Maps app.

  • Enter key is the only way to confirm a new view in Sets. There should also be a button.

  • Putting things in the bin should hide them from other places.

  • Would love to see a more native interface on mac. See Apple Mail or Calendar for inspiration. A lot of the buttons can be moved to the top next to search. The sidebar can be optionally visible on the home page.

  • Why is there three ways to search? You have the one in the top bar, you have the one on the home page and then when I hit cmd+f there’s another one? They should all be consolidated into one.

  • Give us a bounce when we’ve scrolled to the bottom or top of the page.

  • Popover galore! Why is there so many popovers? Just try creating a task from the home page and adding a tag.

  • Speaking of that tag interface… I don’t understand anything that’s below the dropdown of the tags.

  • Despite all that I still believe in this app and I would even pay a little for it eventually, but there’s a still a TON of polishing and some minor structural changes to do before I can consider it for production use. I’d eventually love to use it in my small company.

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Hey @claus,
thanks for your feedback.
Some comments to that.

This is working fine Linux and Windows.
Here is the feature request for MacOS.

The feature request for that

Absolutely. Where do you still see objects, that you put in the bin? When I place something in the bin its excluded from my searches.

Native programs “may come later”. The top priorities now seem to be to get features out and fix bugs.

They all are used for different things.
The search bar on the top is used to search in all you available objects.
The little on on the home page is just to search in the selected tab. And “cmd+f” is, as usual, to search in the content of the object you are currently in.
May be a bit confusing. Personally I never use the second one. But 1 and 3 are important and I think just mixing them together wouldn’t be that intuitive. But I’m always open to new ideas.

The bounce is there on mobile (at least on iOS).
Don’t know if I would like that on desktop. But why not make a feature request for that and see how much users want that, too?

Do you mean the “First use” pop ups?

Could you show a screenshot of the interface you are not getting?

Thats absolutely understandable. We should not forget, that this is in alpha stage and that a lot of things are being changed and worked on. But of course, development takes time.

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Wow, thank you for the swift response. I looked for those feature requests, but not hard enough. Good to know some are out there already.

I think, for me, the general take-away is that I found it confusing to work with when it’s already filled with lots of data that I didn’t generate. If the onboarding guided you more to make things and populate the app, it would be more understandable as opposed to pre-filling it with data and pointing out what’s what.