Lost Data from Anytype Import


Lost an entire object (book) that contained all my information.


Ever since I used the Notion API to import certain pages, I have either not able to access them or I have lost data all together.


Not lose data and help with recovery if possible.


  • OS:
    Windows 11
  • Device:
    Surface Laptop 4
  • Anytype Version:



Hi @nikm07

Did the object appear eventually?

I message you in Anytype Cafe as well, but before I send this to our devs can you please confirm?

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Nope still missing. Weird thing is it does not show up in the page version history either.

The other object that I imported using the API shows up but as soon as I click it, it takes me back to the home screen/dashboard. The graph view shows all the links for that object.

For now it seems that the object that I am having issues with are the ones that were transferred using Notion API. All other objects remain unaffected.

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And the object that was lost, was it a Notion import?

Yes that is correct.

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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@nikm07 thanks for reporting! So was a link to this now missing object from the other one? If yes how does this link looks like now?

No unfortunately not. The missing object did not have any link to the other object that was also imported using Notion API. The other object ( MSK; see pic) still shows relations in the graph view, but whenever I click on any of the relationships , it takes me right back to home dashboard.

  • so the missing object is Crystal Arthritis?
  • If you open MSK object does it has link block to the missing object? It may be something like “Deleted object”

The missing object in my case was named “pulmonology” which does not show up at all on the graph view or anywhere else in the Anytype. It exists as non-existent object (see pic) in my version history from few days back, which is when I added it to Anytype first via the notion API.

“MSK” object is a different object and it has no link to the missing “pulmonology” block. I have attached a small clip as to the problem I am seeing whenever I click the MSK or any of its relationships (crystal arthritis, knee aspiration)

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Thanks @nikm07

I’ve updated the issue with your screen captures.

Just wanted to provide an update on this issue. It seems this issue is not just limited to the Import via Notion API alone. It looks like its an issue with import itself. I had some more files disappear today that I had imported manually (as a markdown)

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This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.

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