Lost all user-created templates

Describe the bug
I launched AnyType and noticed that all the templates that I had created across all types are gone.
Thought I would report the bug. Don’t really know what information would be needed from me here to troubleshoot/investigate the bug :sweat_smile:

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 11
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Desktop
  • Anytype Version: 0.21.1

Additional context
No issues with sync.

@Cernel1337 Let’s try to find out the source of a problem. What were you doing before this issue happened? Have you tried to find for them in Type? Can you find them in a global search?

@Kirill_Lem Wasn’t doing anything specific. In the last few days, I’ve only used AnyType to take a couple of notes. Didn’t find out about the issue until I wanted to edit a template :slight_smile:

I opened the type: Template to see all my template objects. I did find two of my own templates, so I lost all templates except for two (had around 10 templates). One of the templates is linked to a default type created by AnyType, and one template is linked to a type that I have created.

If I open a type that I’ve created, with my own template, the type shows 0 templates.

Don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I was experiencing this issue before I lost the templates:

@Cernel1337 Hi! Did you update your Anytype to 22.3?

@Kirill_Lem I have updated to AnyType 22.3. Still missing all the templates that I had created. I have created a couple of new ones now to replace the ones I lost.