Lookup field

When I create a new type and insert a relation to an already existing type, I expect the possibility of using the relations (fields in database language) of the already existing type. These are the look-up fields so common in other competing applications. I come from Fibery and I must say that they are masterfully implemented there.
Let’s take an example:
New type named “book”, relationship to “author” type.
The native book relations are the usual: title, page number etc. all native, only the relation with author points to another type.
In the representation of a book object, in addition to the specific relations I expect to be able to inherit and display those specific to the author type (e.g. nationality, date of birth, pseudonym, etc.).
This is realised in an application such as Fibery with look-up fields.
Is there something similar in anytype?
Best regards

There’s nothing similar to that in Anytype. But there are FRs for some similar features already.